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June 16th, 2009 by Pavlina

I was on a mini holiday last week. Yes, this was after the big family holiday taken the week before that. I know, a lot of holiday. I took myself to Seattle to see my niece graduate from high school. I know, I’m not old enough to have a niece that old! Tee hee hee. Yes, I am.

She is a beautiful girl, as you can see. There I am with all my Auntie pride…

brianna and paulette

Isn’t she gorgeous? Oh so tall…

Watching the graduation and the energy coming from those young people was incredible. I would say if you are ever feeling down around May/June go to a high school graduation, it will definitely recharge your batteries. I looked out onto them. all those young faces full of pride, hope, eagerness, happiness. The parents and relatives and friends in the stands were full of pride, happiness, joy…it was a beautiful thing. I didn’t see a single melancholy face in the crowd.

Which makes you think of the question, what time can one be truly happy during life? Really, there aren’t that many moments of sheer happiness. Graduations, Weddings, Commencements, Religious milestones…the list is quite short. Sure there are plenty of times when we are happy, but then we always have something to distract us like the turkey in the oven or the mess to be cleaned. There just aren’t enough hands-down, throw care to the wind, happy-go-lucky times in our life. That’s a good thing or the laundry would never get done.

Even though it was my niece’s party some of that exuberance bleed from her to me. She was so excited I don’t even have the words to describe the feeling that night. Electric, charged, fulfillment were all there. I imagine every student from one of the twenty nine valedictorians to the poor soul who graduated at the bottom of the class (there has to be someone there) was happy that night.

I could say a lot about how the overachievers won’t get far in life or blah, blah, blah, but that would just cheapen the moment. It was beautiful

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