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I was doing so good, too.

March 16th, 2009 by Pavlina

Where do I begin? I haven’t been in jail, no worries there. I can apparently get a lawyer through my company, hooray! I won’t have to go into court alone! Some silver lining in the cloud after all. Speaking of silver linings.

I still have a job. I say that because the axe is beginning to fall. It has, so far, missed me. Most recent casualty was my boss. MY BOSS! W00T!


I hardly ever post about my job here. It just ain’t worth it. Beside, I usually like it enough. I have quite a bit of freedom there now, after being there almost five years. I was ready to quit about a year and a half ago. Quit, as in, take this job and shove it quit. I was fed up. Somehow I managed not to. Largely in part to my hourly chanting of this mantra, “my boss is an idiot. My boss is an idiot.” and I was able to hang on by my fingernails, then my fingertips, then my fingers, finally I was able to gain stable purchase and no longer had to chant so often. He gradually began to turn into almost a dim, background distraction.

Today was my yearly employee evaluation.


Let the beatings begin.

I usually sit through these with my boos berating me for sub-par performance. Telling me I need to travel more, blah blah blah. We (my colleagues and I) thought it was strange that we were all having face to face meetings this year, all in our main office (where my lab is) and our big boss would be there. I was a bit worried having my big boss there. Would he just sit in the corner, or would he drive the entire process? I needn’t have worried.

Wrapped up the way I was in my own pathetic life writing a letter to my senator, I was jolted from this by my co-worker popping his head over my cubicle wall and telling me to check my email. I did and saw the letters. Oh joy.

I almost have too much joy over this. So much that I fear Karma. Then I tell myself that what happened to me was maybe a down payment of Karma. I had to endure a bit of pain for this joy. I hope so. The universe can’t be that cruel.

I honestly feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

Of course now I have a new boss. It is my big boss. I used to work for him before my idiot boss was hired. Now I work for him again, and he is now my boss. He was a good boss. I hope he is still a good boss.

My sister summed it up quite nicely when I old her. She said, “Rarely in corporate America is stupidity noticed. Rarer still is it acted upon. You got lucky. Your stupid boss was fired.”


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