New costume design

Thinking out in the long term, I am thinking of my next big thing. My muse is this…

From the side


and the lovely back

Isn’t that the cutest thing? It’s the only thing I spent any money on at Balticon this year, and so worth it. I wish I had the woman’s name who made these, she had several of them, all very cute. Wearable art, don’t you think? These colors really spoke to me and I knew this hat would be mine. So the idea is a neo-victorian-steamy-retro look.

A corset is a must…


I really like this one and it gets very high reviews. I think my sewing skills can handle a corset, and I happen to have a bit of white satin left over from a Halloween costume that I’ll make a first corset off. Nice.

Then, I didn’t want a plain stodgy (beautiful) Victorian gown. They are just too much. Too much fabric, too long, to cumbersome. I don’t really think a gal who is about to embark on all sorts of adventure can really go about in multiple layers of floor length gowns.

I think I do want to wear a chemise under the corset…


This pattern also has a corset, but the other one is much easier to make, if you track the comments about each. I really like the chemise in this pattern set though. Since my corset will have spiral steel boning, I won’t be able to wash it much and a chemise underneath is a must. Besides which, this is not a “modern” corset, which means that if I make it as drafted, it would be quite indecent to wear out in public, if you get my meaning. If I make it out of a nicer fabric, it will look less like underwear and more like a blouse.

Then, what to wear over the corset? I could wear nothing, but I saw this cute corset cover. It’s a bit over-frilly in this photo…

corset cover

I could really make a nice fitted blouse from this, and if I work the neckline I could show a bit of the corset. Or maybe I could make a jacket…or a vest. Still not decided there yet. A vest is too casual, methinks.

Finally a skirt. I don’t want a long skirt. I like the draping on this one…


but I want the back much longer so I’ll need to extend it, and also the front a bit as well. This is a sort of apron meant to be worn over a much longer skirt. It is hard to tell form the design sketch, but it really is quite short.

But then I saw this overskirt and liked it much more, and I don’t think I will need to lengthen it at all.

The Wash Skirt

You can really see the length quite well in this photo which I pulled from the Truly Victorian website.

The Wash skirt

You can see that this would be quite decent, and since I’m so short it would come to my knee probably.

The only issue with these skirts is that they both have quite a bit of pouf on the rear, and I will need to make some sort of bustle for it. I could go all out and make a proper “bustle petticoat”, but I may also be able to get away with some sort of “cushion”. I had considered making a crinoline, but that may not be sturdy enough to hold up that much fabric. Then I posted the question over on the Truly Victorian bulletin board and got a response that said I would make a shortened bustle/petticoat, and if I made it from a fashion fabric it could aslo serve as an underskirt…brilliant!

Bustle petticoat

of course all this will need the perfect fabrics, so now I’ll have to turn my thoughts to finding some lovely burnt orange, brown and cream fabbrics and trim.

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